Homework Log

Last year, I got the idea of what I want my students’ homework to look like from my son’s kindergarten teacher. I created a homework system for my students.  Each student receives a reading bag (numbered so I can reuse year after year), a folder, composition notebook, and homework log. My students do their homework Monday – Thursday and have the weekend off. I stressed to parents and students that it should not take longer than 30 min. to complete. In order to implement it, I took 15 min. of class time and modeled what each section should look like.

Homework Log

Students are expected to read each night (if it’s a chapter book- one or two chapters) and write about the book. They choose from a list of questions based on whether the book is fiction or nonfiction. This was created by Fourth and Ten. They are expected to write at least 3-5 sentences when responded.

Our school district uses the Words Their Way program to improve spelling. Students have two options when practicing their word sort. They can write all of them down at home in their composition notebook or they can pick 5 to use in a sentence.

For the math part of the homework students are to practice at least 5 math facts that they are struggling with. Usually, students get an idea for ones they need to work on from the timed math tests that we do in class. Students start with addition and as they year goes on they move on to subtraction and then to multiplication.  Our math curriculum sometimes assigns a math page as homework and so there’s a spot on the homework log for that as well.

I have my homework log on TPT for free. It is in a word document so you can modify to fit the needs of your class. I hope you enjoy.