Response to Negotiating Critical Literacies with Teachers

This week we in my class, Issues and Trends in Curriculum, we were asked to respond to our common text, reflecting on our learning through this course. Here is my post: Response to Our Common Text, Negotiating Critical Literacies with Teachers Prior to starting this course, I had thought that I would be only looking at … Continue reading Response to Negotiating Critical Literacies with Teachers

ILA 2018 Report- What’s Hot in Literacy?

Amanda Coan_Commentary #3       Each year the International Literacy Association puts out a What's Hot in Literacy Report. This report compares the topics literacy professionals deem as important along with "hot" topics, which are topics that are currently receiving the most attention from educators. This list changes each year it comes out because our … Continue reading ILA 2018 Report- What’s Hot in Literacy?

Commentary #2: Hashtag Activism

"Taking social action is an attempt to move the school curriculum to the community; to make it relevant to the lives of the students we teach" (Vasquez, Tate, & Harste, 2013, p. 15). This quote from Negotiating Critical Literacies with Teachers: Theoretical Foundations and Pedagogical Resources for Pre-service and In-service Contexts (Vasquez et al., 2013) reminds us of … Continue reading Commentary #2: Hashtag Activism

Iowa Culture and Language Conference

Last month I had the opportunity to attend a two-day conference to help me improve my instruction for ELL students. I found the Iowa Culture and Language Conference to be a motivating and eye-opening experience. One of the keynote speakers was Dr. Danny Brassell. He discussed the importance of engaging students through humor and visuals. … Continue reading Iowa Culture and Language Conference