Now a Hoover Hawk!

Keeping in mind my goal of becoming a literacy coach within my school district, I have made a change in grades and schools for next year. Instead of teaching at the elementary level, I will now be moving up to middle school, teaching 6th grade language arts. Hoover Middle SchoolI am sad to be leaving my Lowell family, but am excited at the new possibilities at Hoover Middle School.

I am anxiously awaiting getting my hands on my curriculum resources and stepping into my classroom (in need of some TLC). While I’m waiting, I’m building up resources and ideas for the upcoming school year.

IMG_2025One thing I worked on today was creating an informational website for students and families. It’s not yet completed since I need to link Google Classrooms and curriculum, but those will have to wait until we get closer to the new school year. I wanted to create something that could be referenced throughout the year, but without a lot of maintenance. I ended up creating the website using Weebly and kept it pretty broad so that it wouldn’t have to be updated so often. My plan is to use Google Classroom for the majority of the class assignments  (outside of Infinite Campus- used to keep track of grades).

My next step is to think about what to do about my classroom. I am not allowed to paint so I need to get creative for sprucing up this windowless classroom in the lower level of the building. Here are some images of what I’m working with:

What are some suggestions you have for me and this space?

Even though I’ve been busy with grad. school and haven’t felt like it’s really been a summer yet, I’m anxious to start this new journey and learn even more along the way.


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