Progress Monitoring Tools

I created excel sheets with all of the third grade standards based on the Common Core and the Iowa Core. I have the pages divided into math, reading, and writing/speaking on mIMG_4194.JPGy clipboard.  As we go through the standards, I put the students’ scores (usually based on our school’s scoring: 1-beginning, 2-developing, and 3- meeting) in the boxes under the standard. This is easy to do when it comes to reading and math since our district has developed many CFAs for the standards. When it comes to writing, I do things a
little differently. We have 3 published pieces that we score throughout the year (an opinion, informative, and narrative), which I am able to enter the scores for under the corresponding standard. For the rest of the writing and speaking standards, I simply check off as we complete the standards. Check out my TPT store to get the free excel sheets.

I also want to share with you the progress monitoring tool that I use to track the learning of my students day by day.   Math Progress Monitoring Tool

I have a sheet for each of the three major subjects that I teach (math, reading, and writing). At the top of the paper I put the essential skill that we are focusing on for the day/week. I use a 3 number rating scale to keep track of where my students are in their learning- a 1 represents the beginning stage of the skill, a 2 stands for the developing stage, and a 3 means they are meeting, or have mastered the skill. I always write this in pencil so I can move students around based on my observations and formative assessments.

This simple to use monitoring tool is available at my TPTshop for free. It comes in a word document for you to modify as you see fit. Enjoy!