A Realization

As I was sitting on this Sunday evening writing a thank you letter for one of my scholarships, it dawned on me that in a short couple of weeks my life is going to change. I will be starting my first semester working towards getting my masters in Literacy Education at UNI. I will be starting my fourth year of teaching 3rd grade. Eli will be in second grade and Ben will be in Pre-School. Oliver will be in daycare full time and I may miss out on some big moments. Now, I knew all of this would be coming, but the fact that it will be occurring soon just hit me. I guess I thought I had more time.

I am going to try to cherish more of the moments I have with my family before all of this happens. Don’t get me wrong, I do cherish them already, but I’m going to try to be more in the now and focused. Now, as someone who has been diagnosed with anxiety, this will probably be difficult- my brain runs on thinking about the future, but I’m going to do the best that I can.

I look forward to the challenges and memories this year will bring, but for now I’m happy to focus on the little moments I get with my family.


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