Fourth Year of Teaching!

As I approach the beginning of my fourth year of teaching I feel blessed, but anxious. I have had the opportunity to stay a third grade teacher and not move around. I’ve co-taught, been on my own, and then co-taught again. All of this while being a team leader and working with some amazing ladies! Each year I feel more comfortable and confident with my teaching.

Although I am still teaching third, this year brings a few changes. Up until this year, we’ve had three sections and a special education teacher in third grade. This year, however, we will be down to two sections. I will no longer get to work with the best co-teacher ever (yes, I’m biased. :] ), but instead will be sharing the instructional strategist (special education teacher) with another grade. I will have more students and less help, which is causing my anxiety levels to shoot through the roof! Although I am terrified of the year to come there are a few things I know will not change this year:

  1. I will continue to put my students first and be the very best that I can be.
  2. I will continue to strive to improve my teaching and seek feedback.
  3. I will cherish the teammate I have because, well…. She’s pretty awesome!
  4. I will continue to motivate and be there for my friends (colleagues).
  5. I will be thankful for all that I am fortunate to have.

How are you feeling about this upcoming school year?




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