More Progress Monitoring

Reading Progress Monitoring ToolMy last post discussed the way I monitor the third grade standards overall. In this post I wanted to share with you the progress monitoring tool that I use to track the learning of my students day by day.   Math Progress Monitoring Tool

I have a sheet for each of the three major subjects that I teach (math, reading, and writing). At the top of the paper I put the essential skill that we are focusing on for the day/week. I use a 3 number rating scale to keep track of where my students are in their learning- a 1 represents the beginning stage of the skill, a 2 stands for the developing stage, and a 3 means they are meeting, or have mastered the skill. I always write this in pencil so I can move students around based on my observations and formative assessments.

Writing Progress Monitoring ToolI work better when I see things visually and I feel like this does that for me. If I see lots of student names in the first category (beginning) and it’s not the beginning of the unit, then I know I need to adjust my instruction to better meet their needs. When I see the majority of my students in the 3, or meeting, category I know that I can move on to another skill and meet with the students who have not mastered the skill during small groups or intervention time.

This simple to use monitoring tool is available at my TPT shop for free. It comes in a word document for you to modify as you see fit. Enjoy!



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