A Fun Teacher’s Chair

20130723_131416While looking on Pinterest I came across many fun chairs for teachers.  Some were in the form of stools while others were rocking chairs, but all of them looked fun.  I decided I would make my own and my grandparents were kind enough to give me a stool that they had purchased at a garage sale (only $2!). 20130723_165820I wish I would have taken a picture of what it looked like originally, but I spaced it out.  It had a leather cushion on it, but it was easy to remove with a screw driver. I went to Walmart and picked up glossy acrylic paint from their craft section that was only $0.97 a bottle, along with a multi-pack of paint brushes, and a can of clear acrylic sealer. The total was under $25 and I ended up having left over paint and spray.  My grandpa had white spray paint, which he used to cover the chair like primer.  After that dried we started painting.  It was pretty easy to paint. The hardest part was coming up with designs.  My two sisters and I worked on it for a couple hours and I think it turned out great.  Once the paint had dried all we had to do was spray the clear acrylic sealer over the entire chair.  I am so excited to have this in my room.  I think this will be great for read alouds and sharing.

What is something you’ve found on Pinterest that you’ve made for your classroom?

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