Before Tour of the Classroom

This is what my classroom started out looking like at the beginning of the year.  I really like this set up, but I’m in the process of adjusting the room to better meet the needs of my students.  Being a teacher requires a lot of flexibility. I feel like I’m constantly tweaking things, but it’s always worth it if I’m improving the education of my students.20130921_174916 20130921_174811 20130921_174735 20130921_174839 20130921_174730 20130921_174642 20130921_174713 20130921_174723

One thought on “Before Tour of the Classroom

  1. Another WordPress blogger! I don’t see very many of us! I just came across your blog via “Caffeine and Lesson Plans” grade-level linky! Your room is so organized! I love seeing other classroom pictures! I am just joining the blog world and learning a lot! Feel free to stop by!

    Kate 🙂

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