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20130921_174839         As the year continues along I’m feeling more comfortable in my teaching.  I feel like I’m getting a handle on all of the subjects, but I think reading workshop time could use a little work.  I am struggling to find activities during workshop time that are meaningful and engaging for my students.  I usually have the students respond in their reading journals about the mini lesson and then I have them do an activity using their good fit book, applying the strategy/skill from the mini lesson.  I have many low kiddos in my room and I find that they have a hard time staying focused.  Reading workshop lasts 90 minutes a day. What do you have your students do while you meet with small groups?



2 thoughts on “Reading Workshop

  1. I rotate them though 3 other stations. (Keep in mind that I take 120 minutes for reader’s workshop.) One is free reading, another is phonics seat work (don’t shoot me, but for simplicity sake it’s normally a worksheet). The last group works on math facts, Part/Part/Whole and Ten frames to reinforce our Math (Envision). When the Math/Phonics work is done I let them pick centers quietly (that’s the challenge). If they aren’t quiet enough for me to work with me small group I send the loud kid(s) to their desks to rethink their volume level for a few minutes. I’ve used this model for years and it works well most of the time.

  2. Do you also do a Writer’s Workshop, or could you add some bits of writing? Do you just do one lesson, then begin working with small groups? That would be a long time! If you could add some writing, you could add a mini lesson on language. I use Daily 5 in my room and usually do 3 rounds. We start with a whole class focus lesson that is usually about 15 minutes or so. We then have a 20 minute round. After that, I have 7 kids leave my class for sped or title pull out. I then have a 8 minute lesson on the language skill for the week, and we do a 15 minute round. We end with a quick share time where I usually have a student share something they’re working on using the skill or strategy we’re talking about. We then do our final round that is about 15 minutes, if we’r on time that day! At this point, we have all 5 parts launched and the kids do a great job about picking a variety. The only snag we come across is Read to Someone because I don’t let them pick someone who has already read with someone.

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